The activities i did at camp by Ciaran b

  1. On Wednesday the 18th of. June. I went to camp.
  2. First I went biking for 5 km
  3. I went canoeing up and down the river
  4. Then there was free time to go and play football, rounders, quick cricket
  5. After, I sat around the campfire I had marshmallows, hot chocolate
  6. Finally it was time for me to go to bed at half 9
  7.   At morning I went bridge building and I had to walk across the ditch,Wich

When i went to year four camp by Ciaran b

On Wednesday the 18th of June, I went to year four camp.First, 60chilldren got on each coach. Next I arrived at viney hill and had my pack lunch. After that, I went into the woods and played what’s the time Mr Dewey. With my friends. A few minutes later, we went back to our tents to put my suitcase into my tent. a minute later, you hat to choose what game you wanted to play.There. Was a choice of football, quick cricket or rounders. However I choose football. I played football for half an hour. After I had spaghetti bolinais . Then I had ice cream for pudding. From then,I immediately jumped into the shower and had a wash in the shower. Instantly I, sprinted into the tent quickly, put my onsie sat round the camp fire and started to bern my marshmallow on the camp fire.Amazingly,I had a cup of hot chocolate, which was very hot. half an hour later, it was time to go to bed at 9.30. Afew hours later, it was time to get up at half seven. First thing it was tent inspection for my tent and it wasn’t ready for inspection. When I tidied the tent me and the other people helped me tidy our tent.Our score was seven out of ten. And the loosing tent would have to clean the dirty dishes. Unluckily, the gi Joes had hat to clean the dirty dishes. The first activitie I did was biking for five km.The Next activitie canoeing ,wich was my favorite bit because you were aloud to jump into the river but I didn’t because I had my camera. After an hour, I arrived at the camp Site.And sat down ready for my tea. Unfortunately, it was the last night to sleep in the tent. Unluckily the last activities were bush craft, fire litting then it was time for me to get back on the coach and he’d back to school. 

the ghost king by kai.p and kieran.t

kai.p’s paragraph;

The ghostly king drifted from the wavy ocean.His rusty armor clattered

As he strolled to the rocky shore.He whipped out his sword from his ripped, leather belt and howled a wild howl.

kieran t’s paragraph;

The one thousand year old king, rose from the deep, blue sea to seek revenge on the man who, killed him. So he headed for the East cost where the man will lay dead!…

Sentence building by Lulu and Pheibee

The man walked from the sea.

The king marched  from  the blue ocean.

The  old king strode from the mighty ocean.

As the bells rang from the church,the king marched from the rough ocean.

The eerie ghost came from the mighty sea,looked around and headed to batle.

The ghostly king , who wanted to kill his eanamy marched out of the walter, seached  for his eanamy and carried on his way.

The goght king, who was rased in russty armer , marcged for batele.

The old king by Emily and Shannon

The old king strolled from the blue sea.

The dead ghostly king drifted from the  sea.

The king,who was in a long flowing dress, marched away.

The ghostly king walked from the water.


Ghostly Ghost sentences by Millie and Charlie-ann

Charlie-Ann’s first sentence

Last night, the EVIL ghost king drifted  out of the waves.

Millie’s first sentence

When the clock struck 10, the  demond emerged though the crashing waves.

CHARLIE ANN second SENTENCE                                                                                                                                                                              Howling, the ghost king drifed to the next vilig.






What happend to the villagers by Elina and Kadence

Shocked with horror, the villagers stared at the ghostly king for a certain amount of time .Filled with fear, they couldn’t believe their eyes! The ghostly king swung out his diamond crusted sword.  His face was raging with anger…

The ghost king(even even better) by Mia and Alivia

The man walked from the sea.

Do you think we could do better? YEAH!!!

The ghost king rose from the waves.

Even better? YEAH.

The sinister ghost king raised from the crashing waves.

Even even better? YEAHHHH.

As lighting split the sky, sinister ghost king rose from the grey crashing waves.

Even, even, even better

Because the clock struck twelve, the sinister ghost king rose from the grey crashing waves.

Even, even, even,even better?

The sinister ghost king rose from the waves , breathed a herific breath and lifted his rusty sword in pride. 

Brazil vs Croatia Match Analysis by Kai G & Ciaran B

The first game of the Fifa World Cup Brazil 2014 has started with the hosts Brazil playing  Croatia at the arena Corinthians in Brazil. The first moment of the game was Brazil’s Marcelo scoring an unfortunate own goal to see Croatia winning 1-o at 11 minutes. 18 minutes later Brazil’s Left Winger Neymar Jr had saw a yellow shown against him. 2 minutes later Neymar Jr had scored with a left footed shot in the bottom right hand corner.

Improving Simple Sentences by Kai G & Ciaran B

The man walked across the sea.
The ghostly king walked across the waves.
The ghostly king raised from the waves.
The sinister ghostly knignt raised from the crashing grey waves.
As soon as lighting cracking, the sinister knight raised from the grey crashing waves.
Because the midnight struck, the sinister knight raised from the waves, took a deep breath and strode across the sea. 
The sinister knight,who was ready to do his job,strode acrross the crystal blue water.
Terrifyed, the villagers took cover as they were in danger by the knight.

The revenge of king Neptune by Tyler and Bilal

One stormy,thunderous  night ,all of  the  villagers were woken by a very blood thirsty beast called Neptune.”AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!” the villagers screamed as the enormous body strode through the crashing waves.”MY NAME IS NEPTUNE!!!!!” roared a voice from the sky.As sharp as a crocodile’s tooth,he pulled out  a tall blade. ”FEAR ME SINISTERS I AM NEPTUNE!!!!!!”…………..!

The ghost king by Lily D +Lilly-Jo

chapter 1
The ghost returns
3 years ago,a king died age 22. One day,loads of people were relaxing on the rocky beach.All of a sudden,a ghostly man appeared  out of the sea. He was the ghost king.A blood curdling scream from every one he put a curse over every one he was neptune……..

Improve sentences by Chloe H and Tallulah

The man walked from the sea..
The ghostly man walked across the ocean..
The undead ghostly king drifted from the wavy ocean.
Can we improve it? Certainly!!
The ghostly man strode from the ocean.
The towering ghostly man drifted from the crashing waves. Can we improve it even more? Certainly!!
The undead pale king charged out of the crashing waves.
At 12 o`clock, the towering ghostly man rose from the crumbling waves.

All about Brandon


I like spiderman and   dad


on   the


backgarden messy

and I help my mum tidy it.

Ghostly king by Kierah and Jorja

The ghostly king  who sought  revenge, rose from the  depths  of  the  sea.

The old king,who was looking from side to side, stepped out of the sea and headed to the old town.





THE MIGHTY NEPTUNE!!!!!!!!!!!! by Freddie&Haydn

The mighty Neptune (the king of the sea) returned from the crashing waves. Holding up his golden water sword and heading to the village, he bellowed “ATTACK!” Behind him, legions of undead water warriors wrose…

Revenge of the dead King by Tommy and Kelsey

Millions of years ago, a legendary King fell in battle to his arch enemy  tribe. Now, the dead leader reappears at midnight on the anniversary of his death, screaming and shouting to his dead army to charge!!!

Ghost sentences by Riley and Jenson

The man walked from the sea.

The Ghost king walked from the ocean.

The Ghost king emerged from the roaring ocean.

The Ghost king, who’s empty eyes terrified anyone who saw them, emerged gradually from the stormy sea.

Slowly, the Gost king rose out of the ocean, his rusted armour creaking with every step…

what i do on friday by Millie

Every friday i go gardening  with kadnce my best friend. last week i went with her in school and we planted some corn.

my favourite food by Shannon

1 chiken

2 pasta

3 veg

4 saled

5 patato

6 fish

7 strawberrys

8 mango

9 pair

10 plum

my day at charlie ann ‘s nans house by shannon

On monday there was a knock at the door it was kirah and charlie ann then they asked me if i wanted to go over so i got my shoes and went over after that we was talking two are next door nabor owen suddently charlie was taking jirahs braslet and chuked it in the swimming pool kirha tried to get itback but charlie pushed her legs in i thought it was time to get changed when charlie whent up stsirs me and kirah was wating out in the gardon charlie came out and she wasent thery happy whif kirah and chuked her in the swimming pool she was wet from head to toe then charlie and kirah had a agrue and charlie dint give the dress back to kirah . unforchnutly it was time for kirah to go home but i staid until the moon rose and i said quitly “that was the best day of the term yet.

why i like school by shannon

1 you get to go on school trips

2 the teachers are nice

3 you get to learn good things

4 its fun

5 you make new friends

6 the teachers help you

7 you do things to help you with your learning

8 you go swimming

9 you do different things every day

10 they help you learn


about my rabbit by shannon

1 he is fluffy

2 he likes carrots

3 he likes to run

4 he got 2 brothers

5 he got 3 sisters

6 his name is tisen

7 he got lots of freinds

hottub day by shannon

When i went to my cousin’s house with Mollie, we went in the hot tub. We turned on the bubbles and hopped in .It was really fun and it was really big and relaxing. We didn’t want to get out but we knew we had to.we stayed in for a long time. It was so deep, we could go under water. It was so much fun!!

70th year aniversary of world war two diary entry by Mia

I jumped out of the LCVP and swam across to shore . I didn`t have time to catch my breath because i had to move on quickly. All of a sudden I heard a bang. I spun around to see my best mate led on the floor. His foot was bleeding like a red pen leaking ink . I wanted to run to help him but orders are orders and I have been ordered to keep moving forwards. Luckily the doctors took him out on a strecher .I heard more bangs . I carried on my way to horror .” Get your gun out James.” the leader shouted at me. I quickly grabbed my gun and aimed. Click! I hit an oponent.Another one of my mates fell to the ground . We are disapearing like children.Suddenly something hit my leg ! It was a bullet !I fell to the ground and closed my eyes. I could just make out the noise of doctors screeming for a strecher.

I woke up in hospital with a metal leg! I had made it!!!!!!!

nouns by shannon

1 bed

2 pillow



5 cat

6 bottle

7 parot

8 phone

9 tabble

10 pen

11 house

12 book

13 computer

14 mouse

15 bell

16 shose

17 camra

18 tv

19 sofa

2o box

21 plug

22 picture

23 rokes

24 river

25 glass

26 fish

27 trees

28 moon

29 star

30 zebra

31 lion

32 sink

33 tin


my favrot animals by shannon

1 dog

2 cat

3 zebra

4 pig

5 cow

6 horse

7 sheep

8 rino

9 rabbt

10 guinepig

11 fish

12 frog

13 ants

14 birds

15 snails

16 lamb

17 hamster

Singing with Jonathan

My dog Poppy by Jorja

Poppy  is black  and white.

when she bites me it is.


When she got her tail  she smacked into the door or pole!!!

So times she bes naughty like:Chewing a hole in Mums rug!!!And the pillow!!!!

Some times she does some thing.

BAD!And STINK a LOT!!!!!!!!

When she is hungry she starts to chew a lot!

But she is doing well!(SOME TIMES)

“I love my dog pooch!”My sister said.

“Who do i love my little pooch!”I say!


“The trouble with dogs,”said Dad,”is that they take over your life.Run the show.””What show?”Kate asked,then straightaway forgot her question.”Look,”she said,”When i rub Rosy like this…her foot scratches like this.”

“Interesting,”said Dad.

“Hmm,”said Mum.

And they all gazed at Rosy,brought home from the Rescue Center eight moths back,in love and admiration.

While Rosy was large and soft,comfortable to lie on as an old sofa and endlessly patient…Dave was small and wild.He slipped and he slid,he leapt and he skittered.”Take-me-as-you-find-me,don’t-care Dave.”

“He so…exuberant!”said Dad.”Whats that?”asked Kate.


The Fantasy Footballer by Kai G

Filled with sorrow, the man thought to himself ‘ why,why didn’t i just pay if only…

Several Years ago,there was a man named Vincent,who was one of the people who were terrified because of the plague of spiders.There were spider everywhere!You could of named over a million places where they were.Vincent of course was not happy and complained to the Mayor!

Fortunately, there was a man that the Mayor had sent, “I will get rid of the spiders for a price”. Eagerly, Vincent said” Ok ” But, he knew that the Fantasy footballer was not going to pay him. Vincent knew that his personality was not good , so that was why he wasn’t getting paid. Amazingly, he had destroyed all of the spiders just with a use of a football!

Returning to the city, The Fantasy Footballer returned and went to collect his reward because there was no spiders at all.

Soon after Vincent got a knock on his door.”So wheres the money old fella?”Vincent screamed ” No! You are not getting any money!” “Ok I see how it is” The Fantasy Footballer flicked out his ball did a bit of trickery and strode off into the distance this time it wasn’t the spiders that followed him it was all of Vincent’s friends!

Unfortunately, they were never seen again and Vincent lived the rest of his life knowing that he should  of just paid.

Horrid Henry’s holiday by Shannon

Today was a nother saterday for henry in the comfy blak seat wating fo raper saper to beging .Then he heard mum comming down the stairs “henry” “what have i done now” “i need to tell you that were going on hollday ” henry thought hard is it the place were rude ralph went were there was 100 tvs and lots ok slides and fun games but perfect peter thought about it to he was thinking a lovely tent next to nature ao they can go on long lovely walkes and go swimming but henry dint agree he hated when peter was right and on the other hand he dosent like camping so if he did he would be a money old toad but he was sure he was right were the happy happy happy hippos come a voice from the tv peter has tookthe mokcontroll and swiched it ofer to a diffrent chanell he hated when peter done that. Then he stormed outside to tell moody margret the good news she was in here little girl den rading a magzeen “oi moody get down here” shouted henry but befor he could say enything eles mum called him in to pack his bag when they were ready horred henry was reading a commic “lets get in the car” said dad as he picked up a bag when they were in the car henry was asking “when are we going to get there” but none of them anserd it seemed like it was a suprise then he got to the place he wanted to go “raper zaper island is ther you are going the wrong way” screched hery “we are going camping in the french campingq site. “nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo why do we have to go there ” then he notised that mum dad and peter was out putting the tent up henr

My holiday to Spain, Europe

On the 17th of May i went on holiday to Spain ! Firstly, My sister Carly woke me up 6:15 and we watched TV in her room. After hours , hours , and hours later, we waited for about 20 minutes to get a taxi to get taken to the airport. 1 or 2 hours later, we got on the airplane and waited for 4 hours to arrive at Spain ! But unfortanly it was night . The next morning , me and carly waited until it was 10:30  that’s when the pool opens .

My holiday to Spain, Europe part 2 made by Kieran-T

Mostly on the holiday me and Carly was in the pool. On the 19th of may 2014 me, mum, dad, and carly went  to holiday world the carnival me and my dad went on the Ferris wheel and bumper cars on my own . Secondly , me and my dad went to the sand dunes it’s the beach it was nice the best part was seeing a lizard! But I didn’t see it there was cactus , sand , and no Water to drinks 20 or 30 minutes walking across sand ! How chould you do that??? On the fourth five and six th day the same thing happens But ! On the 6 th my mum and dad went Crazyyyyyy!! My mum threw up I needed the toilet but I had to wait .  On the last day, we watched TV until 6 o’clock at tea time. Minutes later , we got to the airport there was a problem with the plane it was in gatwick or something we had to wait 3 hours! We got on plane 00:5 we was meant to get on 23:40 but we was meant to get to England at midnight but we got home 4:30 I believe and I stayed  from 5:15 until 8:30 on my mums IPad when we got home. And I enjoyed the holiday and I’ve got a tan and!! My skin is peeling on my shoulders it was wonderfull and I’m not even tired from the 24 and 25 30 hours not sleeping !

why jump is the best by Ciaran b

. you get to play

.A huge dark blue slider

.you can play wherever you want

. as long as you want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

. there is boucy castles especially piate ones

.diffrent kinds of party rooms

. there is diffrent kinds of sliders

.inside football

.special foods,sweets ,treats

ice cream

two diffrent soft plays

baby area

older chilldrens area

The trip with Zara’s mum to westen.By JORJA

On the 29,Lisa(Zara’s Mum), took us to westen we had bad wether but we still went.

Well first of all,we went on the bus.we sat at the very top to the window.Then we went on a train.

First,we went in the park and played for a bit.

Next,we went to see crab’s.Some peopel were getting some,They offered us to have a go.we had a go.

Then,Zara was despret to go on the donkys.I went on CANDY!

We had mcdonalds for lunch.

Finally,we went to get some prize.

In the train,Zara had four thing’s!!!I had 2 things!!!And Lisa had one thing!!!!!!!!

We got back,we had one hour going on the wii.

It was time to go I think Zara’s song was funny.

The firey house by Jorja

One night,when i was eating my tea i smell smoke!”That’s funny!”I mumbled.I ran to the rusty kitchen- the oven was off,the hobb was off.I told evryone in my house that the smoke wasn’t coming from us.When I opened my door, i gasped!There was red and yellow flames everywhere!I ran to the foot of the old,broken,creeking house.”I can’t do anything!Is my friend alive?”I whispered.

Pink violinist by Jorja

Many,many years ago, a town called Londen was over run by cats!There were cats on the beds,cats on the tables and cats in the cupboard!There is cats everwhere!

Desperate to solve their problem,the mayor who doesn’t have a idea sent please for help. One day later,a little girl appeared in the mayors office.She had a patterned dress and a fragile violin.”I can get ride of the cats for a bag of gold.”She smiled.The mayor crossed his fingers behind his back.

Leaping and twirling through the cobble streets,she played and she played.From all directions,cats  emerge to follow her.She lead them out of the nice town,through the hot desert  and to the noise zoo.Striding into the zoo, she lead the cats to their DOOM!

Returning to London,she appeared  in the mayor’s office.Watching him eating his chocolate.”Can I have my bag of gold please!”She smiled  nice.The mayor Chocked on his chocolate.”Are you mad!No you are not having your bag of gold!”Choked  the mayor.She grow angry and angry!Seething with ferry, she whipped out her violin  and played  a new song.This time it was the food!”You will not eat for one week!”She shouted!As she click her fingers the food went,to dust!

One week later,the little girl  appeared back to the mayors office.”You can have your food back now!”she signed happily.One click of her fingers,the food was were it was.When she disappeared the mayor whispered.”Thank you!I think I learnt a lesson!

charlie and the choclet factory by shannon

Just gone two years since 3 chilldren went to a big factory full of chocolate .It was Clare, Sam and Dan. when they got there, the ompaloompus were staring at them.Half an hour later, the owner, Willy Wonka, let them in. As they came in to the world of charlie and the choclet factory, all they could see was chocolate.”Look in this room! it looks cool but there is probably more chocolate in there” whisperd Clare.When Sam opend up the door, they saw the amazing chocolate water fall up above them, they could see ompaloompus looking down at them.

Knowle Clevedon stimulus

The cat in the hat 2 written by Millie and Kadence

It was one normal day and the kids were really board.There mum was off to brean for a couple of days because she met an Italien man named Chris and they had love at first sight!Luckily,their greeedy and lazy antie took care of the,and her name is ema.” It’s so boring” sighed libby with a froun.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ”I GOT IT LET’S CONTACT THE CAT IN THE HAT!” screamed libby with a high pitched voice so, the kids sprinted up stairs and leapted on the computer chair.But before they can even lay a finger on the key board they both glared at eachother then chukled . They tiptoed down the fluffy stairs and the kids tugged ema and chuked her in libby’s bed room closet then libby shouted ”WHY MY ROOM” shouted libby then jack replyed ”trust me you won’t last one second in there mum says i need to put an empty gas mask on before I go to bed . ” then libby said ” good point. ”



Henry was a horrid baby.

He screamed in the morning.

He screamed in the  evening.

At night he never slept.

He put breakfast on his head…

…lunch on the floor

…dinner on the walls.

And his nappies…




Then Peter was born.


Peter was a perfect baby. He smiled all day and slept all night.

His nappies was never dirty

(well, almost never).

Henry was not happy when Peter arrived.In fact, he was furious.

“I’ve had just about enough of this baby,”he said to mum.

“Gootchie gootchie goo,”said mum

“Time to take that baby back to the hospital,”he said to dad.

“Who’s my littel plumpikins?”said dad.

Henry glared at peter.This house isn’t big for both of us,he thought.


Horried henry tried posting peter.

He tried dumping peter.

He tried losing peter.

He tried letting the wind blow him away.

Perhaps he’ll leave,thought Horrid henry hopefully.

Unfortunately,Peter didn’t.

He just grew bigger and bigger, sitting in henry’s chair…

Playing with Henry’s toys,

swinging on henry’s swing and being a total nuisance.

“Mum!Peter’s kicking me!” screamed henry.

“Don’t be a tell-tale,Henry!”

“Dad!Peter  is bashshing my teddy!”

“He’s only littel,Henry!”

“Mum!Henry’s hitting me.”

“Don’t  be horrid horrid henry!”

“Dad!Henry’s knocking down my lego!”

“Don’t be horrid Henry!”

“Why doesn’t Peter ever get into trouble?”muttered Henry


Then Horrid Henry had a wonderful, wicked idea.

“Peter,”said Henry sweetly,”would you like to dig a hole to china?”

“Oh yes,”said Peter.

Henry pointed to Mum’s newly-dug flowerbed.

“Dig here,”he said.”It’s easier.”

Peter started digging.

Soon there was a lovely big hloe.

Tee hee,

thought Horrid Henry.

Mum came outside.


she screamed.

“Henry!How dare you dig up my flowerbed!”

“I didn’t do it,”said Henry.”Peter did.”

“DON’T BE HORRID,HENRY!”shouted mum

“Go to your room!”

“It’s not fair!”wailed Henry


Next day, he tried again.

“Let’s surprise Mum and draw her a picture,”said Henry.

“How about a Viking ship?”

“Yeah!”said Peter.

“We need a hugh space,”said Henry.

I know!Let’s draw on the wall!”

“On the wall?” said Peter.

“We couldn’t fit a whole Viking ship on a tiny piece of papper,”said Henry.

“And just think how  pleased Mum will be when she sees it.”

“Okay,”said Peter.

Henry giggled and sneaked off.

This time he’d get mum hiself.

“Mum,Mum,Peter’s doing something terrible!”said Horrid Henry.

“He’s drawing on the walls!”

Mum ran upstairs.

“I didn’t do it,my hand did,”said Peter.

“It was henry’s idea.”

“No it wasn’t!”

“DON’T BE HORRID,HENRY!”shouted Mum.

“But I didn’t do anything!!”said Henry.

“You’er the eldest!You should have stopped him,”said Mum.



The next day Mum took Henry and Peter to the park.

Henry felt very sad.

He couldn’t get peter into troule.

Maybe he could push Peter into a puddle when Mum wasn’t looking.

Suddenly a hugh dog ran up to Peter.

“GRRRRRRRR!”snarled the dog

“Help!”spueaked Peter.

Henry didn’t stop to think.


he howled in his most horrid  voice.

Peter started screaming.

Mum ran up.

“DON’T BE HORRID HENRY!”she shouted.

“Henry’s not horrid,”said Peter.”He saved me.”

“My hero!”said Mum

Henry allowed his mother to hug and kiss him.

He supposed he was happy to be a hero for a day.

But tomorrow-watch out!

What I want for christmas by jorja

Here are some stuf I want to have for christmas.

1)A  Scooby Doo move.

2)A  special toy.

3)robot toy.

4)A fairy aventurer toy

5)A toy dog like my dog!!!!!


Lewis’s RTG ( Road to Glory )by Kai G

Several years ago, there was a Go Kart abandoned in a garage and it hasn’t been found since.Also, there was a small kid called Lewis.Lewis was loving go Kart racing until in 2006 he had vanished! Until last week there was breaking news all around the country, it said that the Go Kart and Lewis had been found!
Soon after, there was a news rumor that Lewis signed for a Formula 1 academy and could get scouted that night! When  just before that race had started, he had an interview a he assumed ” because their is so many scouts here for so many great clubs like Mercedes, I think I have a chance of taking it to the next level” When the race had started it started of as Lewis in last place and his fans were not happy with Lewis.A couple of laps later, Lewis was in second and the crowd  was in high spirits for him to win the race.
Soon, it was on the last lap and Lewis was in first place! Unfortunately, there was a crash! The person that did it, who was in second, had karma and crashed while taking the mick out of Lewis. Unfortunately, Lewis dropped to third , but he kept on believing and somehow won the race! Astonishingly,the person,who was the victim in the crash, came one place before last! 

Preposition List by Kai G

Prepositions are to tell you where something is for example, round.Here is a list of all the prepositions there is.

  • aboard
  • about
  • above
  • across
  • after
  • against
  • along
  • amid
  • among
  • anti
  • around
  • as
  • at
  • before
  • behind
  • below
  • beneath
  • beside
  • besides
  • between
  • beyond
  • but
  • by
  • concerning
  • considering
  • despite
  • down
  • during
  • except
  • excepting
  • excluding
  • following
  • for
  • from
  • in
  • inside
  • into
  • like
  • minus
  • near
  • of
  • off
  • on
  • onto
  • opposite
  • outside
  • over
  • past
  • per
  • plus
  • regarding
  • round
  • save
  • since
  • than
  • through
  • to
  • toward
  • towards
  • under
  • underneath
  • unlike
  • until
  • up
  • upon
  • versus
  • via
  • with
  • within
  • without

List of 100 Adverbs BY Kai G

This list of 100 adverbs can also be useful when understanding what an adverb is and how to identify one:

  1. Accidentally- I accidentally break
  2. Always- I always go
  3. Angrily- I angrily shout
  4. Anxiously- I anxiously await
  5. Awkwardly- I awkwardly jump
  6. Badly- I badly want
  7. Blindly
  8. Boastfully
  9. Boldly- I boldly go
  10. Bravely- I bravely lead
  11. Brightly
  12. Cheerfully
  13. Coyly
  14. Crazily
  15. Defiantly
  16. Deftly– I deftly maneuver
  17. Deliberately
  18. Devotedly- I devotedly call
  19. Doubtfully
  20. Dramatically- I dramatically sigh
  21. Dutifully- I dutifully attend
  22. Eagerly
  23. Elegantly
  24. Enormously
  25. Evenly
  26. Eventually- – I’ll eventually come
  27. Exactly
  28. Faithfully
  29. Finally
  30. Foolishly- I foolishly charged
  31. Fortunately- I fortunately received
  32. Frantically- I frantically looked
  33. Frequently- I frequently stay
  34. Gleefully
  35. Gracefully
  36. Happily
  37. Hastily
  38. Honestly
  39. Hopelessly- I hopelessly wait
  40. Hourly
  41. Hungrily- I hungrily ate
  42. Innocently
  43. Inquisitively
  44. Irritably
  45. Jealously
  46. Justly- I justly deserved
  47. Kindly- The kindly old man
  48. Lazily
  49. Loosely- The loosely tied knot
  50. Madly
  51. Merrily
  52. Mortally- I mortally wounded
  53. Mysteriously- The mysteriously absent stranger
  54. Nervously
  55. Never- I never whisper
  56. Obediently
  57. Obnoxiously- The obnoxiously loud phone
  58. Occasionally- I occasionally giggle
  59. Often- I often smile
  60. Only- The only white dog
  61. Perfectly
  62. Politely
  63. Poorly
  64. Powerfully
  65. Promptly- He promptly arrived
  66. Quickly- I quickly run
  67. Rapidly- I rapidly fall
  68. Rarely- I rarely yell
  69. Really- The really pretty house
  70. Regularly- Your regularly scheduled program
  71. Rudely- I rudely shouted
  72. Safely
  73. Seldom- I seldom cry
  74. Selfishly
  75. Seriously- The seriously early boy
  76. Shakily
  77. Sharply
  78. Silently
  79. Slowly- I slowly walk
  80. Solemnly
  81. Sometimes- I sometimes frown
  82. Speedily- I speedily deliver
  83. Steadily- I steadily stride
  84. Sternly- I sternly scolded
  85. Technically
  86. Tediously
  87. Tenderly
  88. Terrifically
  89. Tightly- The tightly wound thread
  90. Totally
  91. Tremendously
  92. Unexpectedly- I unexpectedly arrived
  93. Usually- I usually leave
  94. Victoriously
  95. Vivaciously
  96. Warmly
  97. Wearily
  98. Weekly
  99. Wildly
  100. Yearly

The pink pianoist by Kelsey (part one and two)

Paragraph one

Many,many years ago, in London the plague was killing thousands of people .The plague was in the houses,plague was in the streets and the plague was even in the shops!The plague was everywhere!

paragraph two

One day , David Cameron the top leader sent a pleas all around England saying” who ever gets rid of the plague I will give them whatever they want .Money ,gold whatever. A week after the pleas went out,there was a knock at the town hall door.There stood a girl dressed all in pink and then some one shouted out “oi you .You look like a clown .So ,you must be her for my nephews birthday party.” ” Oh really ?Whatch me then,”shouted a angry pink pianoist .Quickly,she ran out ,jumped onto her piano ,which had wheels so it was easier to move ,and played a spooky tune.Suddenly,every one who had the plague stoped coughing and there black spots disaperred .And in a puff of purple smoke  she disaperred .

Top 10 reasons why school is great by Mia

1- You make loads of new friends

2- you learn soooooo much

3- All the teachers are really nice to you and help you

4-you play loads of fun games

5-you could win awards

6- Everyone is so helpful

7- it teaches you stuff you didn`t know

8-you get to pick who you want in your class for the following year

9- we have loads of fun fun fun playtime

10-there`s breakfast and after school club along with many many many many many others

The pink pianoist by Kelsey (part3,4 and 5

Returning to London , the pink pianoist spotted a colossal party .”I’m here for my money,”shouted the pink pianoist .There was a short silence!”What money clown?”shouted David “all you did was play a tune on a silly piano.””Ohhh you wouldn’t mind if I returned the plague.”
Quickly,she ran out of the door, jumped onto her pink piano and played a even spookier tune than last time .Then out of no where ,people started couthing and black spots appeared all over their bodies .”Told you so,”shouted the pink pianoist .Then ,in a puff of smoke she disappeared .
David had to live the last three months of life knowing his selfishness and greediness had  not only cost him his life but thousands more!

           The end!


Oscar By Lilly-Jo

The stray cat Oscar

Visited us all the time,

I would play with him, cuddle him, though he wasn’t mine.

My nanny took him to the vet,

The lady on reception fell in love and kept him as her pet.

We sometimes drive down his new street,

Occasionally  we seem to meet.

So I know he’s safe and well looked after,

By what he tells me about his new master!